Store requirements for subscriptions
  • 03 May 2023
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Store requirements for subscriptions

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Subscription Herder integrates directly with Shopify checkout to provide a seamless subscriptions experience for your customers. In order to effectively use the app your store must meet the following requirements:

Use a supported payment provider

Currently we support the following payment providers for subscriptions apps:

  1. Shopify Payments
  2. Stripe
  4. PayPal Express

Accelerated checkout methods like Shop Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported with subscriptions when they are available for your store and the current customer is eligible. Some services like Apple Pay are limited to customers in select countries for subscription payments. In those cases your entire customer base may see accelerated payment options for checkout whereas customers purchasing subscriptions only see options if they live in a subscription-eligible country.

Add at least one product to your store

If your store doesn't have any products then you won't be able to preview the subscription checkout process or add subscriptions as a purchase option to any products or variants. Only the minimum information for a product is required to sell subscriptions.

Using subscriptions with development stores

If you are developing a store either for your business or for a client (and the store is in development mode) then you can use the combination of Shopify Payments in test mode along with Subscription Herder to ensure the end-to-end checkout process meets your needs. Development stores can use Subscription Herder without charge indefinitely. Once the store leaves development mode and starts collecting real orders only the above payment providers will work and an app payment plan must be selected for Subscription Herder. Stores that are not in development mode can still use Shopify Payments in test mode, however, a billing plan for Subscription Herder must be selected up-front.

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